NDTA Foundation

The National Defense Transportation Association Foundation carries out the association’s charter to conduct and assist programs of transportation education, research and development. A volunteer Board of Trustees supervises the Foundation’s activities.

The Foundation is funded by voluntary donations, which are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Funds held by the Foundation cannot be used to meet operating expenses unrelated to the Foundation.

Scholarship Program

The Foundation annually awards scholarship money to high school or college students pursuing an education in logistics, transportation, or passenger travel. Three scholarship programs are available to NDTA members and their financial dependents pursuing the study of logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, or passenger travel services:

Vice Adm. Andy Brown (ret.), NDTA’s President and CEO, receives a $10K donation to the NDTA Foundation from FedEx Government Services and FedEx CEO Fred Smith. (Photo by Katherine Bish)

We also accept donations made by check, payable to “NDTA Foundation” and mailed to:

NDTA Foundation
50 S. Pickett St., Suite 220
Alexandria, VA  22304


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