Europe & Africa Regional Committees

Mr. Jerry Nickerson

Mobile: +4915114519268
Office: +49 69 13018117

NDTA Europe & Africa Leadership

  • Mr. Jason Trubenbach (European Regional President)
  • Ms. Albertine Iloba (European Regional Treasurer)

Regional Committee Leadership

Regional Surface Committee

  • Mr. Thomas Warren (Chair)
  • Ms. Thérèse Mefire (Vice Chair)
  • LTC Danny Looney (Gov’t Liaison – Europe)
  • CW5 Jeremy Addleman (Gov’t Liaison – Africa)
  • Mr. John Gallagher (Vice Gov’t Liaison – Europe)

Regional Airlift Committee

  • Mr. Marc Schaefer (Chair)
  • TSgt Marchelle Macken (Vice Chair)
  • Mr. Steve Lord (Gov’t Liaison)

Regional Sea & Port Operations Committee

  • Ms. Fiona Slabbekoorn (Chair)
  • Ms. Karen Hellemans (Vice Chair)
  • COL Jin Pak (Gov’t Liaison)

Presentation Material 

View presentation material from the 4-5 Sept 2019 kickoff meeting.

View material from the Committee’s presentation to NATO on 16 Sept.


Europe & Africa Regional Committees Goals

  • Elect Committee Chairpersons and Secretarial positions and Treasurer (seven total vacancies)
  • Enable U.S. Government, Military, Allies, and Commercial Industry deepen partnerships to strengthen readiness through collaboration and innovation.
  • Provide significant recommendations for each Combatant Command’s long term strategy to Logistically Set their regional Theater in order to synchronize with our Allies.
  • Discuss current and future movement operations; identify challenges and opportunities; and develop solutions together!



JEADDC 2020 is focused on strengthening partnerships with industry to improve our support to the warfighter and to provide options and decision space for our Combatant Commanders.  USEUCOM and USAFRICOM hope to increase the understanding of stakeholder’s requirements, share our deployment and distribution opportunities, and to seek improved collaboration between the U.S., Allies, partners, and industry.

End state: Increased strategic relationships and knowledge across the European and African distribution networks resulting in a clearer path toward operational efficiency.

Europe & Africa Regional Committees Kickoff Meeting

4-5 September 2019
Sembach Kaserne, Germany  (Location: Bldg 109)

This was our kick-off meeting, initiating the NDTA Europe and Africa regionally-focused transportation committees focused on the effective and efficient movement of military cargo and passengers through the air, sea, ports, highways, waterways, and railways.


On 19 September 2019, Mr. Jerry Nickerson and Mr. Jason Trubenbach had an opportunity to brief the NATO Transport Group on the NDTA and the recent establishment of the Europe and Africa Regional Committees.  Prior to their briefing, Mr. Nickerson and Mr. Trubenbach were able to listen to the discussions and noticed how remarkably similar the challenges/issues were to the discussions two weeks ago at the Europe/Africa Regional committees meeting.  The briefing provided an introduction to NDTA, highlighting its non-political, non-profit, educational mission in support of national security.  The key takeaways included:

  • Challenges in communication and understanding between civil – military – government – industry of requirements and capabilitie
  • The NATO Transport Group is interested in learning from the NDTA community how to coordinate with stakeholders, share possible solutions to problems, and understand capacities and contracts of/with industry
  • There are few organizations in Europe that provide similar capabilities of the NDTA (the representative from Finland was the only one to identify a similar org, the National Emergency Support Agency)
  • The Transport Group proposed to their members that NDTA be granted “Observer Status” at their future meetings; it was further proposed that the Transport Group establish a new category in their charter for “experts” that include members from NDTA/industry
  • Mr. Nickerson and Mr. Trubenbach were invited to participate in the next Inland Surface Transport meeting in Feb 2020 in Bonn
  • Mr. Nickerson and Mr. Trubenbach invited all member nations to work with NDTA in the future and requested that they take the information back to their respective nations and share it with their national industry stakeholders
  • Finally, Mr. Nickerson and Mr. Trubenbach discussed the NDTA Europe/Africa team taking on a broader understanding and address of the NATO security issues as they directly impact U.S. national security (and NDTA’s charter).


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