Building Options and Deployment Flexibility:  A Look at Alternate Surface Routes, Modes, and Nodes

May 31, 2022 | Panel SFPC, Supply Chain, Surface Force Projection 2022 Videos, Surface Force Projection Conference

Moderator: LtGen John J. Broadmeadow, USMC (Ret.)


  • Mr. Dan Miller, Director, U.S. Defense Solution Architecture, SAP Public Services

  • Mr. Colin Geraghty, Senior Government Account Executive, Defense Department, Uber Technologies, Inc.

  • Mr. Timothy Pickering, Office of Ports & Waterways Planning, Maritime Administration

  • Mr. William RooneyVP, Strategic Development, Kuehne + Nagel Inc.

Description: The current supply chain is built for efficiency and economy. As demonstrated through recent global supply chain distribution backlogs, we need to consider and create multiple routes, particularly on the commercial side, to be more flexible and resilient. An examination of alternate surface routes, modes & nodes such as the Marine Highway system, rivers, barges, and terminals to provide the Defense Transportation System with multiple deployment options.

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