Supply Chain Resiliency and the Need for Stress-Tests

Nov 21, 2022 | Command and Control, Common Operating Picture, DTJ Online, Fall Meeting, Fall Meeting 2022 Videos, Keynotes Fall Meeting

David Simchi-Levi

The largest supply chain risk is hidden in unexpected places: Are you ready for the Next Disruption?”

We will cover four key areas:

  • Risks are hidden in unexpected places.
  • Assumptions about risks being associated with certain geographies or certain sized suppliers often prove to be wrong.
  • A supply chain can be highly resilient and highly unaffordable so the pinpointing the right places to invest in capacity, flexibility, or inventory positioning is critical.
  • A data analytics approach that combines time-to-survive and time-to-recover concepts allows companies to stress test their supply chain and is critical for making the right risk mitigation decisions.
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