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May 18, 2021


This week, NDTA and Christopher Newport University’s Center for American Studies (CAS) proudly present the NDTA-CAS Surface Force Projection Conference (Virtual).  The theme of the meeting is CONUS to the INDO-PACIFIC Region: Projecting Forces through Strategic Ports to Provide Combat Power.

We look forward to an outstanding agenda of speakers, panels, meetings, and breakouts. More importantly, we are excited to provide the opportunity for meaningful collaboration on the issues. In celebration, this special edition of The Source looks at many of the organizations being represented during the event.


Hail & Farewell

NDTA welcomes Claudia Ernst to the headquarters family! Claudia has joined NDTA as the Director of Finance and Accounting. Prior to taking on this role, Claudia worked in corporate finance and accounting in the industrial paint and coatings industry. She shares NDTA’s strong ties to the US military with a father who was in the Air Force, a husband who was in the Navy, one son who serves in the Air National Guard, and another son who serves in the Army. Claudia looks forward to contributing to NDTA’s success through strong financial management and hopes to meet many of you at this year’s Fall Meeting. We are excited to have you on board Claudia!

NDTA also bids farewell to VP Finance & Treasurer, Patty Casidy. For almost 15 years, her meticulous attention to detail and outstanding financial and accounting skills have ensured the organization remained strong and financially sound. But perhaps the accomplishment Patty is most proud of has been her implementation and management of the NDTA headquarter’s Toys for Tots program which has spanned eleven years and has donated thousands of toys to the USMC for distribution to children in the Northern Virginia Region. NDTA is grateful to Patty for her many years of hard work and we hope retirement brings her much happiness!


Your Source

It’s National Transportation Week!

In a fitting coincidence, the SFPC takes place in the middle of National Transportation Week (NTW)—a time in which we reflect upon and appreciate the immense contributions of the US transportation industry to our daily lives, the economy, and national security.

This year’s Presidential Proclamation declaring NTW and National Defense Transportation Day reflects an emphasis on transportation infrastructure and points out the critical role transportation played in the country’s COVID-19 response: […READ MORE…]


The SFPC is held in cooperation with the US Transportation Command’s Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), the US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD), and the Association of American Port Authorities (AAPA), here is the latest news from these partners:

Marine Cargo Specialists Deliver the Joint Force to the Fight
Marine cargo specialists are force multipliers, ensuring the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) can successfully deliver the Joint Force to the fight. Often the ‘go to’ person on any mission, the marine cargo specialist is engaged in every step of the movement process. They coordinate cargo movement through and to the ports via convoy, truck, rail, and even cargo arriving by air, and then staging that cargo and readying it for its next mode of transport.

Statement from the Maritime Administration on the Approval of Replacement Vessel for the Maritime Security Program
The US Maritime Administrator recently approved the replacement of the APL GUAM in the Maritime Security Program (MSP) with the CMA CGM HERODOTE.  Like the APL GUAM, the replacement vessel will be a geared containership, but will have a militarily useful capacity of 1149 twenty foot equivalent units (TEUs) as compared with the APL GUAM’s militarily useful capacity of 854 TEUs.

AAPA President & CEO Addresses Congress on Port Infrastructure Needs
AAPA’s President and CEO Chris Connor recently testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Subcommittee on Surface Transportation, Maritime, Freight, and Ports during a hearing on Freight Mobility: Strengthening America’s Supply Chains and Competitiveness.

Maritime Administration Awards Nearly $20 Million in Funding to Strengthen U.S. Shipyard Economic Competitiveness
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) has announced $19.6 million in grant awards to 31 small shipyards in 15 states through the Small Shipyard Grant Program. The funds will help awardees modernize, increase productivity, and expand local employment opportunities while competing in the global marketplace. Since 2008, MARAD’s Small Shipyard Grant Program has awarded $262.5 million to nearly 300 shipyards in 32 states and territories throughout the U.S.

1st TSC DCG Tours Ammo Offload, Onload Operations at Kuwait’s Port Shuaiba
The deputy commanding general of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command recently had the opportunity to tour the Port Shuaiba and observe the Soldiers of the 595th Transportation Brigade (SDDC) and the 1185th Deployment and Distribution Support Battalion conduct the port operations, including onload-offload operations of ammunition.


Editor’s Picks

We Should Not Underestimate China’s Military Ambitions
(The Dispatch) Americans, according to recent polls and surveys, increasingly view China as a leading threat to the United States. Waking up to the threat from China is a good thing. But Americans may still not fully appreciate how Beijing has used its growing economy to undertake the largest military modernization effort in the history of the People’s Republic of China.

New Guidance on Acquisition Requirements Coming This Month, Hyten Says
(Defense News) Under DOD’s still-in-the-works joint war-fighting concept, there are four subsidiary topics of focus: information advantage, joint command and control, fires, and contested logistics. By the end of May, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen John Hyten says strategic directives on speeding up the acquisition system for those four key areas will be published.

South Korea Plans to Invest $450 Billion to Become Chip ‘Powerhouse’
(NIKKEI Asia) South Korea is going all out to bolster its critical semiconductor industry, with the government on Thursday announcing a plan by companies to invest 510 trillion won ($451 billion) and beefed-up tax benefits to boost chipmakers’ competitiveness amid a critical global shortage of the key components.

Japan, US, France Hold Military Drill Eyeing China Presence
(Marine Times) Dozens of Japanese, American, and French troops landed amid pouring rain from a CH-47 transport helicopter onto a grassy field at a training area in southern Japan, part of Saturday’s joint scenario of defending a remote island from an enemy invasion.

US-China Rivalry: Will America’s New ‘Floating Base’ Heighten Tensions?
(South China Morning Post) The commissioning of a United States “floating naval base” will extend the military competition between the US and China into areas where China controls ports, according to defense experts.

CNO, Commandant: Services Have a Good Idea of How They’ll Fight, If Congress Helps Them with the Right Spending Plans
(USNI News) The chief of naval operations and commandant of the Marine Corps say they are increasingly clear on how they’d want to fight a peer adversary, what attributes would make their forces successful and what platforms they need to equip that force. Now, they just need help from Congress turning that into a budget everyone can agree upon, they say.

US and Singapore Armies Conduct 40th Annual Tiger Balm Exercise
(US Indo-Pacific Command) Celebrating a 40-year partnership, Exercise Tiger Balm is the longest-running bilateral exercise between the U.S. Army and the Singapore Armed Forces that occurred virtually on Singapore and Oahu, Hawaii, May 6-13, 2021. A U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) sponsored exercise conducted annually since 1981, the Tiger Balm aims to enhance regional security, interoperability, and country-to-country military relationships.


News and information from SFPC Sponsors:

Moving Shaba, a Decommissioned F-117 Nighthawk
(Landstar) Landstar Agent Mike Thompson and Business Capacity Owners Brian and Lisa Clevenger made headlines when a certain F-117 Nighthawk was photographed during transport for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® in 2019. So, when the opportunity came to plan the logistics for another Lockheed fighter jet, Thompson, the agency owner of D&M Transportation Inc., felt like he shouldn’t brag about the move. However, his customer Air Zoo thought the arrival of its new F-117 nicknamed Shaba really was something to boast about.

Pandemic Propels Makeover at Shipping Giant Maersk
(Maritime Logistics Professional) Maersk is accelerating its plan to transform itself from a container shipping giant into an integrated logistics company following its strong performance during the pandemic. This is according to Chief Executive Soren Skou who shared in a recent interview that, “The pandemic has no doubt underlined the value for our customers of doing business with a company that can take responsibility for everything all the way from the factory to the end destination.”

Port of Beaumont Achieved Another Record Year Despite the Global You-Know-What. Here’s How
(Global Trade) What does it take for a port to remain competitive and progressive, regardless of the market disruptions at hand? Port of Beaumont Director of Trade Development Ernest Bezdek shares the answer to that question and more secrets to the Texas facility’s success in an exclusive interview with Global Trade Magazine.

As Programmable Money Emerges, Central Banks Ramp Up for Tokenized Economy
(SAP) Although we’re far from any kind of standardized digital coin of the global realm, public and private sector organizations are examining the major challenges and closing in on potential opportunities, particularly for B2B transactions across complex supply chains. The appeal to governments and business is strong.


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