Transportation Academy at the 2020 NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting

Aug 10, 2020 | From HQ

The 2020 NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting will be unlike any annual meeting held in the Association’s 75 years of existence. Transportation Academy, held in conjunction with the conference, will feature up to 80 virtual classes with instructors and attendees joining from offices, homes, or any location they may find themselves worldwide. A virtual platform will open up attendance to more participants than ever before, as well as instructors who had been unable to travel in the past but will now be able to share their perspectives.

We will offer ten topic tracks:

Tracks Types of Classes
Acquisition & Finance Contracting policies, tools, and opportunities
Combatant Commands & Security Cooperation Warfighter regional issues and/or case studies
DOD/Commercial Logistics Multi-level approach from basic transportation to higher level logistics and infrastructure updates
Interactive Workshops/Training Focused training on skill sets in logistics, supply chain management, and leadership/management
IT, Cyber, & Analytics Explores cyber threats, data capture, artificial intelligence, and the fourth industrial revolution
Blockchain Hear an overview primer, business utilization/impact, technical aspects, and strategic direction
Leadership & Human Resources Insights into leadership, talent management, and professional development
Legislation & Policy Learn about DOD logistics policy, category management, and legislation affecting logistics
SDDC Workshop SDDC Symposium-like sessions and training
Resilience, Innovation, & Disruptors Delve into autonomous vehicles, drones, Coronavirus impact and mitigation strategies, and passenger travel disruption


For more information on the Fall Meeting and Transportation Academy, and to register, visit We look forward to seeing you online!

By Irvin Varkonyi, NDTA Educational Coordinator

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