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March 2, 2021


Thank You GovTravels Participants

Many thanks to all who attended GovTravels 2021. While we were virtual, we hope you were still able to reconnect and learn from this year’s lineup of keynote speakers, panels, and Transportation Academy classes. Special recognition goes to the DTMO team, under the leadership auspices of Mr. Bill Mansell, and the GSA team under Mr. Tim Burke. Likewise, to all of our sponsors and exhibitors, we appreciate your trust during the pandemic to move forward the efforts of the NDTA Government Passenger Travel Advisory Council (GPTAC). Thank you to Mr. Bryan Scott and all the GPTAC Committees for staying engaged during COVID-19 in order to keep both government and industry informed as to the timing and lasting changes we can expect as a result of societal changes during the recovery.

I believe all in attendance at GovTravels were inspired by the dedication and loyalty of the travel professional enterprise as challenges have been faced with finding a way ahead during difficult times. In this issue of The Source, as well as future issues of The Source and DTJ, we will bring you many of the highlights from GovTravels 2021.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s GovTravels to be hosted in-person February 28-March 3, 2022, at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia!

Warm regards,
VADM William A. “Andy” Brown, SC, USN (Ret.), President & CEO, NDTA


Your Source

DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION: DOD Can Better Leverage Existing Contested Mobility Studies and Improve Training

China and Russia are strengthening their militaries to neutralize US strengths, including mobility—the ability of US military airlift and air refueling aircraft and sealift ships to rapidly move equipment and personnel from the United States to locations abroad to support the Department of Defense (DOD) missions.

Senate Report 116-48 included a provision for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review DOD’s ability to operate in a contested mobility environment. Now a newly released GAO report, DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION: DOD Can Better Leverage Existing Contested Mobility Studies and Improve Training, assesses the extent to which DOD has studied contested mobility and tracked the implementation of study recommendations, assesses the extent to which DOD has revised its training to incorporate contested mobility challenges, and describes the technologies that DOD uses to mitigate contested mobility challenges. […READ MORE…]


GovTravels Symposium Focuses on New Travel Realities

By Sharon Lo Managing Editor, Defense Transportation Journal and The Source

The significant changes and challenges to government travel and the travel sector over the last year was at the center of discussion during NDTA’s 2021 GovTravels Symposium. The symposium, which was co-sponsored for the fifth year by the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO), is an annual gathering of US Government and industry travel experts. GovTravels focuses on government-wide travel programs and travel policy, providing professional development and networking opportunities for all participants. Held virtually February 23-25, the theme of this year’s event was “Respond, Adapt, Innovate—the Changing World of Government Travel.” […READ MORE…]


Defense Department Has Multiple Priorities in COVID-19 Battle

By Terri Moon Cronk, DOD News

When the COVID-19 virus spread to the United States, the Defense Department took on many roles: protecting its people, supporting the national pandemic response, and ensuring the armed forces were ready to meet DOD’s national security mission, a department official said today.

Robert G. Salesses, Performing the Duties of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security, today addressed DOD’s work during the pandemic at a virtual meeting of the National Defense Transportation Association’s GovTravels, its symposium for government travel and passenger service[…READ MORE…]


Editor’s Picks

US Industry Struggles to Strip Chinese Tech from Networks
(Breaking Defense) More than two years after Congress passed two laws to strip Chinese hardware and software from US defense and telecommunications supply chains, industry is struggling to figure out how. 

Secretary Pete Buttigieg Suggests Usage Charge as Sustainable Funding Solution
(Transport Topics) Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg acknowledged the lack of sustainable transportation financing sources but suggested an increase to the federal fuel tax rate would not offer a long-term solution. In terms of a sustainable funding mechanism, Buttigieg suggested the merits of a usage charge system—so long as privacy concerns could be addressed. 

Smarter Software Could Help Air Force Cut Fuel Bills by a Million Gallons Per Week
(Federal News Network) The Air Force, the government’s largest fuel consumer, wants to use its market power to help spur the development of new innovations like ultra-efficient airplanes and new types of fuel. But if those energy-saving investments pan out, they’re likely to take a while.

Navigating the Shoals of Renewed American Naval Power: Imperatives for the Next Secretary of the Navy
(War on the Rocks) New Navy leadership will soon arrive, but the department should not squander precious time on restarting strategic studies, force assessments, and process improvement programs. Instead, steady and strategic civilian leadership is required to make progress in the marathon implementation of integrated force redesign.

‘Great Power Competition’ Is a Dangerously Simple Frame
(Defense News) To correctly set force posture, the Pentagon needs to look more deeply at the world’s actors, their preferences, and relationships.

Space Force Chief Sees Larger Role for Commercial Industry in Its Missions
(C4ISRNet) In its second year, the US Space Force wants to build deeper connections with commercial industry, according to Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond.


CGI Announces New IT Delivery Center in Knoxville, Tennessee
(CGI) CGI has announced the establishment of a new information technology (IT) delivery center in Knoxville, Tennessee, where the company plans to create 300 local jobs, engage regional educators, support area workforce development, and provide opportunities for the community’s students, graduates, and professionals.

AAR Named 2021 Military Friendly® Employer
(AAR CORP.) AAR has been named a 2021 Military Friendly® Employer by VIQTORY, which screened more than 8,800 employers nationwide and selected only 92 companies for the prestigious award. Military Friendly® Employers are recognized as role model organizations committed to creating meaningful improvements in their veterans’ work lives.

GSCW: Echo Global Logistics Looks to the future — WHAT THE TRUCK?!?
(FreightWaves) 2020 dealt the transportation industry major challenges, and 2021 has compounded the problems with severe winter weather. Echo Global Logistics CEO Doug Waggoner joined the WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Podcast to talk about how technology has helped people navigate the changing landscape of freight.

DHL Opens First Drive-Up Retail Store in the US
(DHL) DHL Express has expanded its vast network of US retail locations by opening a drive-up, mobile pop-up retail store in Woodbridge, Virginia. The 2,200-cubic-feet mobile DHL ServicePoint becomes the first of its kind, providing a drive-up window for a safe, easy-to-use shipping option for customers.

Enterprise Car Sales Streamlines Customer Experience with New Technology
(Enterprise Holdings) Enterprise Car Sales has announced it has completed the nationwide rollout of the Accelerated Customer Experience digital platform. This provides Enterprise’s customers the flexibility to complete their used car purchase as quickly as they’d like–by starting their purchase from home (with delivery, where available) or completing their purchase at any of Enterprise Car Sales’ 147 US locations.


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