Why join GovTravels 2017 from Feb. 27 – March 1? The world of government travel is a complex, fast-moving place. Passenger travel professionals in the private sector, the federal government and state governments need opportunities to discuss new regulations, programs, technologies and best practices. GovTravels is the premier event where travel professionals can meet with decision makers, learn from each other and see presentations by leading voices in travel. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what a few leading stakeholders are saying about GovTravels:

“Through our position on the leading edge of travel technologies and strategies for corporate sector clients, BCD Travel has a valuable insight into how these developments can be applied to travel in the government sector. We are eager to share our experience with travel and procurement managers, and bring a fresh perspective on government travel. We believe this NDTA forum offers a significant opportunity for government agencies to network with one another and benchmark their programs.”

Tracy Maier, Senior Vice President, North America
BCD Travel

“The opportunity that GovTravels offers, to engage with potential customers and partners face-to-face, is pivotal to our success within this industry now and into the future. For more than 20 years, Concur’s global expertise and industry-leading innovation has kept customers a step ahead with time-saving tools, leading-edge technology and connected data, in a dynamic ecosystem of diverse partners and applications. GovTravels is the meeting place where leaders of innovation in government travel come together to build relationships and explore what we can do to drive the industry forward.”

Joshua Russell, Senior Director of Government Services

“GovTravels is a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing travel managers across the federal government and the travel industry, and to collaborate on solutions to meet those challenges. This event provides a relevant backdrop to help inform the strategic direction of the Defense Travel Enterprise as we consider new technologies and adopt applicable industry best practices.”

William Mansell, Director
Defense Travel Management Office

“As the leading provider of comprehensive solutions for government travel programs, and a long-time technology partner of the Department of Defense and civilian agencies, Sabre is committed to providing government travelers with innovative solutions that efficiently connect them with government approved suppliers.  The NDTA’s GovTravels symposium connects leaders in the government travel industry and provides an outstanding forum to discuss pertinent issues and industry trends, as well as share insights on industry challenges and best practices.  We look forward to continued knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities at GovTravels!”

Bruce Charendoff, Senior Vice President, Government & External Affairs
Sabre Corporation

“GovTravels is the most important industry event in the US Government travel space.  It brings together Civilian Government, Defense, State/Municipal and Industry to  not only discuss critical travel and policy issues but also provides a forum for meaningful dialogue and idea sharing.  Travelport is fully committed to GovTravels and the professional, organized, oversight which NDTA provides.”

Bret Kidd, President – The Americas