GovTravels 2018 registration

Early Bird
(before 1/31)
After Feb 1
Full Meeting Registration – Industry Member $495 $595
Full Meeting Registration – Industry Non-Member $595 $695
Full Meeting Registration – Active Military/Government* (Includes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) $100  $100
Monday, March 5 Single Day Registration – Active Military/Government Meeting By Invite Only Complimentary  Complimentary
Tuesday, March 6 Single Day Registration – Active Military/Government* $75  $75
Wednesday, March 7 Single Day Registration – Active Military/Government* $75  $75

*Option for Lunch is $25 if registering for the full meeting.  If you are registering for single days, cost is $25 each day.  This is to encourage participation in the full conference.  (Note: Lunch is non-reimbursable for “local” government participants per DOD regulations.)

IMPORTANT:  If you are a Government employee registering for DOD Connect, plus only ONE other day of the conference, this requires you to register twice–once for each day.  If you register for the full conference, only one registration is necessary.


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U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman OpEd on a ready Reserve Forces

The RRF functions as the nation’s emergency seafaring logistics arm, ready at a moment’s notice to support rapid worldwide deployment of U.S. military forces, namely, the Army and the Marine Corps. Until recently, for one reason or another — budget cuts, low prioritization, or finger pointing between the Services — the 46 ships of the RRF have atrophied with little resources allocated toward refurbishment and, worse, little thought given toward replacement. At an average age of 43 years old per ship, these critical resources and their mariners needed Congress to step up by providing a plan. We did.

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